Monday, 29 October 2012

14th November 1966

"The sweeter the apple, the blacker the core. Scratch a lover and find a foe!" 

 ~ Dorothy Parker ~

International Times, Issue No.3 runs the following article regarding the previous week's exhibition of Yoko Ono's Unfinished Paintings.

"Work on mounting the exhibition went on until the early hours of last Tuesday morning (which would be the 8th November, 1966; its opening date) Around three am, a group of people pressed their noses to the Indica Gallery window and demanded entrance. Included in the group was film director Roman Polanski, who rushed around the exhibits ecstatically shouting "this is the most beautiful apple I have ever seen" and "that is the very essence of a needle." Or so the story goes."

So let's re-cap. John Lennon attends a preview of Yoko Ono's exhibition, a night before it opens. The exhibition was to open on the 8th November, changed from its original opening date of 9th November as stated in issue 1 of the International Times. It was still being mounted until 3am on the 8th November, with an opening time of 2.00pm and closing time of 6.00pm. To preview the exhibition before it opened, Lennon would have to be there on the 7th November, or within that group of people with Roman Polanski. Lennon has just arrived back from Spain on the 6th November, hearing about the exhibition a week before. How he heard about it while in Spain? Who knows. 

Maybe Lennon believed the exhibition wasn't opened yet. Maybe he was invited in after the 6.00pm closing, as he did know those involved with the Indica Gallery. So I'm sure it would be arranged Lennon received a private viewing. Maybe he was just confused about how long the exhibition had been running.

Notable things in this article for future relevance:
Roman Polanski
Yoko Ono had been in England throughout the summer months of 1966. 

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