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14th October 1966

All these were Vera's playmates; and she loved

To watch them, wondering oftentimes how well
They knew their parts, and how the drama moved
So swiftly, smoothly on from scene to scene
Without confusion. But she sometimes dreamed
There must be something hidden in the play
Unknown to her, an utterance of life
More clear than action and more deep than looks.
~ Henry Van Dyke ~

In the first issue of the International Times, this advertisement for the Ono-Woman Show is run.

Named "Instruction Paintings", the exhibit was to run at the Indica Gallery from 9th November until the 22nd of that month.

Also within this first issue, appears an article written by a Tony Cox. Is it the same Tony Cox then married to Yoko Ono?

 An interesting article attributed to the writer "Millionaire" appears also in this issue, entitled Pop .. Pop .. Ouch. It's a general overview of the music scene in October 1966. It's noted because it plugs Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, whose "Freak Out!" was released in June 1966. It also mentions Peter & Gordon's current single, though not by name. It may have been "Lady Godiva", or "Knight in Rusty Armour". Peter & Gordon's association with The Beatles not only being the recipients of a McCartney penned tuned, but also Peter being Peter Asher, brother of Jane Asher, McCartney's lady in waiting.

 Just above Millionaire's summation of the Pop scene, is a cartoon which recurs in the pages of International Times for many issues. The cartooned accounts of one Clifton De Berry. In this first installment, names of note would be Albert Hall and Vera Groin. 8 months later Albert would make an appearance on The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", as would a Vera on the same album.
More on these cartoons and where they appear in the International Times later.

So there you have a date. 9th November until 22nd November, as announced in the 1st volume, 1st issue of the International Times. 

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