Sunday, 28 October 2012

26th December, 1965 aka Chippy

Last mid-December, Paul injured his lip and chipped his tooth in the moped accident. He honestly thought no one would notice the chip, for it is so small. I told him three times he should do something about it. It is in a place where there are no nerve ends, so there is no pain. Paul assured me that he would have the tooth capped, but - unfortunately - he has not done so. Could he be afraid of the dentist? It is my opinion that he will just let it be.
~ Brian Epstein ~

"Less severely hurt in a recent road crash was Paul McCartney. The Beatle was visiting his father and step-mother at their Cheshire home, just South of Liverpool."He was out riding around the Cheshire countryside on one of his two Moped motorized bicycles when the machine skidded on an icy road and threw him to the ground. Paul collected a deep cut to the side of his mouth and five stiches had to be put into the wound.
"Now it's healing nicely and Paul feels fine again. The injury is not leaving a scar and Paul says it hasn't turned him against his fave pastime of Moped cycle riding

~ Tony Barrow, KRLA Beat, 12 February 1966, p.1. ~
"He started to finger his lip, almost without thinking, and I asked him about the reports that he'd broken a tooth."You're right," he admitted candidly. "I did it not long ago when I came off a moped. Now I've had it capped... Look."
I looked but I couldn't see anything. A perfect mend. Only a small scar remains on his lip as a souvenir."
"It was quite a serious accident at the time. It probably sounds daft, having a serious accident on a motorized bicycle, but I came off it hard and I got knocked about a bit. My head and lip were cut and I broke the tooth."
I was only doing about 30 at the time, but it was dark and I hit a stone and went flyin' through the air. It was my fault... it was a nice night and I was looking at the moon."
He sipped his tea and reached for a cigarette.
"What about all this 'Didn't Paul McCartney look ill on TV,' then?" he went on, referring to Mama Cass' remarks in NME's 'America Calling' last week. "I haven't been ill. Apart from the accident, I'm dead fit. I know what it was though. When we filmed those TV clips for 'Paperback Writer' I'd only just bashed my tooth, and we'd been working a bit hard on the LP and I hadn't had much sleep. We haven't had much time for anything but the LP. I mean, 14 songs - all got to be written and recorded till you're satisfied with them. It's hard work, man.

~ Paul McCartney 16th June, 1966 NME ~

~ ~ ~

He certainly was afraid of the dentist, as Brian Epstein feared. He was scared for 6 months. Though in June, 1966, Paul obviously has suffered some head injury, because he believes he's only just bashed his tooth in. Though the cover of Yesterday & Today, butcher style, says he had it fixed, which was released that very same month as the NME interview. 

 But he hadn't. The photos for this proposed cover of ill repute, were completed in March 1966.

21st January, 1966. George Harrison marries Pattie Boyd. Paul McCartney serves as his best man. Look closely at this picture. I believe the chipped tooth is definitely there.

Paul is photographed 24th March 1966, out on a date with Jane Asher. I believe this is at the premiere of the film "Alfie". If you take a close look, it can be perceived there's an absence of tooth there. Whether this has been doctored, tampered with is unclear. Irregardless, what follows in May 1966, says Paul McCartney still had a chipped tooth.

 Late May 1966 ~ Paperback Writer / Rain promotional films.

So why did Paul McCartney walk around with a chipped tooth for so long?And why can't anyone get their story straight, when photographic and published/broadcast evidence exists to say this tooth remained chipped from December 1965 until June 1966.  

Let's see if we can find a picture from the Robert Whitaker photo sessions of 25th March, 1966, where McCartney actually smiles. This picture is of interest 042, as it is the one that was eventually used for the Butcher Cover. Compare to the "official" version, and one can see the end result has McCartney with a dental fix courtesy of photo manipulation. The photographs showing McCartney with his mouth open, or smiling are very few, while those of his companions are numerous. Should we assume that McCartney was reluctant to smile because of the chipped tooth? We could assume that. Picture 111 is also of interest. Though his top teeth are obscured, one can tell there's something going on there. In photos of this chipped tooth (the central incisor), it appears to jut out and overlap his other incisor. It seems to give his upper lip a slightly puffy appearance, along with the scar he received from the moped accident. 

The image at the beginning of this blog comes from these photo sessions. Compare that to how his lip appeared in the Paperback Writer promo. It almost appears as if he just had the accident. His lip is extremely "puffed" out in comparison to what it had been for the prior months. 

So ... what's going on here? It appears there are no tours/gigs for them from ... the last concerts in the UK December 1965 until ... Paul gets his tooth fixed and they're off to Japan. (28th June 1966 arrival.) Well that helped Paul avoid getting his tooth fixed for 6 months! Just completely stop touring. 

But then there's January 1967.


  1. Are you implying he was in multiple accidents? I have seen myself go 6 months or a year and feel that something happened "a little while ago" and "I've been really busy". So I'm just curious.

  2. I guess what I'm implying is that Moped accident is part of the key to this. I think that accident is very important, because when McCartney goes on later in Many Years From Now to describe events, it seems he takes two stories and melds them into one. One involving Tara Browne, the other not. Or reveals Tara Browne was involved in the first accident as well. I remember reading the synopsis of what happened quite recently and thinking ... "part of this isn't true. Or it's liberal with the truth."

    1. I come across that kind of thing a lot in studying Beatles history. I've heard at least 6 different verions of the "shoes" situation on Abbey Road from 4 different people...only the more recent ones even line up with recent photographic evidence of the existance of shoes being present, and they all seem to have parts of each others stories in common....but then, the best lie includes truth...but if you're not there for the truth to begin with...

      I think the moped is a very significant situation. Paul supposedly had the moped he wrecked on turned into a metal sculpture to keep around to remind him. John had basically the same thing done with the car he wrecked with Yoko and the kids- turned it into a cube and kept it. Also, Paul lays with his head on the V-cam of a cycle on the cover of "Red Rose Speedway", with a Red rose in his mouth, eyes gappingly wide.

      I also found it interesting the note about John driving around on a moped....I had heard John never really learned well to drive and didn't like to wear his glasses, thus the explanation for why he wrecked the car with Yoke, Julien and Kyoko in it...he couldn't drive well, rarely drove, didn't like wearing his glasses so could hardly see. Odd to think of him racing around on a moped.

  3. There's a photo of an uninjured Paul McCartney with Stevie Wonder, dated 3rd February, 1966. No sign of the lip injury. The official story seems incorrect. (Besides there being no moon on 26th December, 1965).

    1. Without a Moon, there is no cause for accident.