Saturday, 27 October 2012

He's a Real Nowhere Man

Out of sight, out of mind. The absent are always in the wrong.

~ Thomas Kempis ~

Something's not right here.

4th October, 1966 - Ringo Starr joins John Lennon in Spain.
9th October, 1966 - John Lennon celebrates birthday in Spain. Ringo Starr leaves soon after to return to England.
22nd October, 1966 - George Harrison returns to London from India.
6th November, 1966 - Paul McCartney leaves for France
9th (?) November, 1966 - John Lennon attends Yoko Ono's exhibition at the Indica. He states in 1971 he knew about it a week before the opening.
12th November, 1966 - McCartney arranges to meet Mal Evans under a clock somewhere in France. They then drive to Spain hoping to meet Lennon who they think is still filming How I Won the War.

If Lennon knew about the Yoko Ono exhibition a week before, did he get a telegram of such importance while he was in Spain notifying him of such an event? Was it that important? The very question being, was he still in Spain at all at the end of October/early November 1966. And if George, Ringo, and Paul are all accounted for being in England up until the 6th November, 1966, where was John Lennon? He was definitely in England to go to the exhibition the night before it opened. Whether that is the 7th November, 1966, or the 8th is in question.

So why is Paul looking for him in Spain.

Speaking on behalf of The Beatles on 6th November, 1966:
"On this day Brian Epstein, speaking on behalf of The Beatles, turned down a request for them to appear on a television special in aid of the victims' families. Several public figures called on the world's biggest band to make a gesture of support, but none was forthcoming.Although they were sympathetic to the people of Aberfan's plight, The Beatles were reluctant to be drawn into a benefit event. At the time the notion of a charity concert was unheard of. Furthermore, having recently given up touring, The Beatles were keen to avoid any actions which would have further turned them into public property."

Now of course, Brian Epstein can make that decision for all of them. He doesn't need to get all their opinions on the table before making a statement. He's got two at least to comment, Ringo and George. Paul has just flown out to France that very day. And John? Where is he?


  1. According to The Beatles Bible, an internet source,John Lennon returned to England from Spain on November 6th 1966. He had been in Spain for seven weeks,

    1. Thanks LODGE, and as said, was in talks with the siteowner of Beatles Bible about this return from Spain date ;)