Sunday, 28 October 2012

He's a Real Somewhere Man

“Curiouser and curiouser!”
~ Lewis Carroll ~

 There he is! The man who knew about an upcoming exhibition in London a week prior to its opening, but only arrived back in London from Spain on the 6th November, 1966, with his lovely wife Cynthia. No wonder Paul McCartney went driving off to Spain to go looking for his writing companion. The day Lennon arrives back in London, McCartney leaves the very same day for France. Damn! So close!


  1. Fascinating about John and Paul timelines and Ono show and trips. WOW! Did Macca ever say he was "looking for John" in Spain?

    1. In fact I came across that Evans/McCartney search for Lennon at Beatles Bible. It's from there.

  2. Now I have to find where I read the intention of McCartney (and Evans) was to meet up with Lennon in Spain. Because I did read it, otherwise I would not have said it. A good reminder for me to bookmark sources! ;)