Monday, 29 October 2012

Mopeds, Minis and Moustaches Oh My!

~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Please note a pattern emerges. A theme. Around this theme floats debris and clutter, fact and fiction. These three things are integral to any speculation about what happened to whom, where, when and why. 

The Beatles Book Monthly, Issue 43 February 1967. Beatle News:

It is a bit suspicious, isn't it Paul. 

First thing we read about are those infamous mopeds again! Didn't John or Ringo learn anything from chipped teeth and scarred lips? No they did not. Is this really news though? Was it a slow day in The Beatles News office? Should we see John tearing across the country lanes on his Moped to see Ringo? Apparently we do. It's funny you should mention a Moped, because Paul had an accident on one in December 1965. 

What's the next article. OH!!!! An accident! Who was in it? Paul McCartney dead?? What??? Surely you must be mad. He's safe at home in his Aston Martin California Sage Green Metallic Mini Cooper. Wait a minute. You say Black, I say Green, was there a crash, what does all this mean. Oh no.  

Below this, is the Tale of the Moustaches, and how long some are in comparison to others, and is this one more black than this one or not. Black Black Black. 

Themes and Patterns. Integral. A swirling dervish of mythology dances chaos around the centre circle. 

Publisher: Sean O'Mahony
in association with
36 - 38 Westbourne Grove
London, W.2, England
Editor: Johnny Dean

Sean O'Mahony aka Johnny Dean.

Richard Desmond: The demon proprietor of Fleet Street

The Independent 25th October, 2004

Born in Finchley, north London, in 1951, Richard Clive Desmond left school at 16 and took a job in advertising. But his first love was music, specifically drumming for a progressive rock band. A year later he combined the two roles to become group advertisement manager for music magazine company Beat Publications Ltd. Nearly 40 years later, Desmond performed at Ronnie Scott's jazz club with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who, and he keeps a drum kit in his office.
By the age of 21 he had his own house and two record shops. He established himself as chairman of Northern & Shell publishers and produces the magazine International Musician and Recording World in 1974, which was thought at the time to be a unique general music consumer magazine. During the next 15 years, it grew to separate editions for the US, Europe, Australia and Japan. Desmond later expanded his Northern & Shell empire into diverse areas of publishing, including fitness, cooking environment and business.

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