Thursday, 13 December 2012

16th January 1967

An interesting synopsis of the creation of Magical Mystery Tour by Hunter Davies. But I wonder. Where did Paul McCartney get the idea for the Mystery Tour meant to be Magical? Was it from here?

International Times, Volume 1, Issue No.6,  16th January 1967. In it is a 3 page interview with Paul McCartney. I'm going to quote a few things from it, but you can have a read of the interview yourself for its entire content. 

Miles: In the last few thousand years only the materialistic side of man has developed and built up.

McCartney: The drag about this is that everybody has realised there aren't such things as ghosts, there isn't such a thing as God, and there is no such thing as a soul, and when you die you die.
Miles: Are you trying to take anyone with you on it?

McCartney: Yes I'd like to. I'm trying to take people with me of course, I don't want to be shouting to people "Listen Listen I've found it! Listen, this is where it's at!" and everyone going "Oh fuck off, you fucking crank," because I see the potentiality in them as well, not just in myself. I'm not just the great wizard who's going to sort it all out, I'm just one of them. 

Just below the final portion of the interview, is once again the illustrated works of Jeff Nuttall. In this edition, Clifton De Berry, having outlined his intentions for the improvement of cultural affairs in 1967, proceeds on his first plan of action - to take over the "Ultra House", a (sp) pychedelic community in South London, and establish SSASP (South Streatham Abbey of Sanctified Pulp) Britain's first Physiodelic Church.  Look at the content of this comic strip, and the content of McCartney's interview. Nevermind the mystery coach bus that shows up. And remember. This is January 1967. Wizards. Buses. Physiodelic Church? And where is the Ultra House. More importantly WHAT is the Ultra House? 

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