Saturday, 6 September 2014

Think For Yourself

That period November 1966. It's so convoluted.

Paul McCartney. Beetle Killer.
Airs 22nd October 1966. Episode No. 33 ~ Nowhere Man / Paperback Writer 
McCartney, in searching for a cure for Yellow Fever, injects Harrison, Starr and Lennon with a serum that instantly kills them. 

Here's McCartney quoted in BEAT, the periodical put out by KRLA in California. At the very end he announces "It's all part of breaking up the Beatles."

14th November 1966 it's announced that two Beatles have approached Allen Klein for management. Epstein / Lennon / Harrison / Starr all deny these claims. McCartney? He can't be reached. He's on a mystery trip to Africa.
Christopher Sandford makes claim in "McCartney" (2006) that it was McCartney that approached Klein to handle Beatle affairs.
3 years later McCartney would be "The Beetle Killer". Effectively being "forced" to sue the other three Beatles because Allen Klein was contractually "untouchable."
We all know what Lennon, Harrison and Starr thought of Epstein's death in August 1967. They were shocked. Stunned. 

What were McCartney's thoughts at the time? Can you find any quotes? Eulogies? Grief? Sorrow? Anything? 

Why does he immediately start "managing" the band's affairs as soon as Epstein dies? He wastes no time putting them back to work. 

Why does Harrison in Anthology believe Epstein's death had suspicous aspects to it. But McCartney does not. They are two different people, with two different viewpoints granted. But why would one member of this band believe their manager died in a different way than what was reported, and the other believe there was nothing to it whatsoever. The one person it seems that had no comment about it at the time, and went straight back to work as soon as it was announced. This may be the same person who approached Allen Klein in 1966 for there to BE such an article appearing in November 1966 stating Klein was approached by a Beatle or two for representation. 


Third Man in the Beatles riddle:

Brian Epstein yesterday dismissed as "ridiculous" news that American film producer Allen Klein had been approached over the future management of two of the Beatles. 

The article goes further into the story claiming a third man represented the interests of the two unnamed Beatles. This was by Klein's lawyer, but it is very hard to make out his surname due to the scan quality of the document. It's a Mr. Martin M..... Which two Beatles? No one knows, but Epstein, Lennon, Harrison and Starr all denied this story. 

Now why should we believe anything about this rumour?

Well for one, the guy that can't be contacted because he's in Africa, seems to have been missing for almost 2 months by this point. That's why!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Only a Saturn Song ...

Visually shown in the Torpedo series, this is what's going on esoterically. 

The esoterica within:

Stuart Nettleton's The Alchemy Key :
"An esteemed Jewish scholar and Masonic Librarian once congratulated me on my work. Old and frail, he has now passed-on. But he generously gave me four great gifts that have since grown in value. Second only to his friendship, was his gift of the major Arcanum of the Merkabah. Showing me a piece of paper, which he had already cut into the form of a cross, he silently formed a hollow, perfect cube. This is the cubic throne, which is the vehicle in which one ascends toward the Light.It is the cube or unfolded sacrificial cross of the sacred marriage. A Druze candidate wears a blood sprinkled cube at his initiation ceremony, symbolizing that the cube unfolded is the bloody instrument of perfection. Similarly, a Masonic Knights Templar receives a cube. The rose on the cross of the Rose Croix is the emblem of the sacrificial king. In alchemy, the new king emerges from the stone. The symbol is one of sacrifice and equally applies to both the divine triad and the Triple Goddess. Often priests symbolized the divine triad or the Triple Goddess by a cube sculpted into a triple-head. For example, a triple headed ram represents the perfection of the Egyptian God Amun."

The form of a cross turns into a hollow cube. Which is essentially what you see happen in Yellow Submarine during the Sea of Science section (Only a Northern Song). The Merkabah you can see in Magical Mystery Tour in the Wizard's hideaway, with masonic checkerboard floor.

48 Beatles come out of the cube. This cube turns a specific amount of times for each event. 48 come out. They earlier show 5 Beatles on the Yellow Submarine (1 John, 1 George, 1 Ringo, and 2 Pauls, 1 that is encased behind glass but mirrors the movements of the one dancing with the others.)

Then the Beatles revolve around the cube as if it were an atom. There are now only 43 Beatles shown, as if the 5 on the submarine have been subtracted from their numbers. There are 10 Ringos. 10 Johns. 11 Georges (a magic number). 12 Pauls. John is in the body posture he is in on HELP. The Sign of Apophis & Typhon. George is in Osiris Risen. (On HELP he is in Osiris Slain.) The cube makes a specific amount of turns, allowing each Beatle to return to the cube (except Ringo) -- as the cube turns, 48 Ringos pass over it. The 49th Ringo turns into a Monster. (Go back to the headstone earlier in the film with No.49 on it.)

This ain't no kiddie film. At all.

To add to that, the cube has turned 7 times when the 49th Ringo passes over it. 7 + 7 X 7 = in effect three 7's. 777, the Star(R) of Babalon. Quite fitting as his birthday is 7/7/40.

Now I'm off to read Isaac Asimov's Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus from the late 1950's, where Venusians all wear moustaches, our hero is called William "Lucky Starr" Williams, his sidekick is JOHN "Bigman" Jones, and the first two Venusians they meet are GEORGE Reval, and Tor Johnson.

TOR etymology: DUTCH


tor m (plural torren, diminutive torretje n)


Big man, walking in the park. Wigwam, frightened of the dark. Some kind of solitude is measured out in you. You think you know me, but you haven't got a clue.

To add further:

The 'cube' (aka Saturn, the black cube or Satan in christianity, hexahedron in geometry, Cronos- TIME), flat packed is a cross. That is the cross we bear, that we are 'crucified' on.
George is SATURN in Yellow Submarine.

Ringo is Dr. Frankenstein. Logic / Rational / Reason
John is The Monster / Adam / Man
George is the Mystic / Saturn / Death / The Unconscious

To find Paul in the "Ultra House" they must first crash their car, otherwise they do not know where he is. They must crash the car, destroy it, then they can find Paul. Where is Paul? He has to be made. He is Beauty & The Beast combined. They show you this when they open the three doors. The first door shows you King Kong about to grab beauty from her bed. The animators made sure to let you know she had no shoes on (who would when going to bed?) and you can clearly see her shoes by the nightstand. Think of how big a deal Paul Is Dead clues make about whether Paul is wearing shoes or not. Do you not think it odd the animators would make such a point to make sure Beauty's shoes are seen by the side of her bed, letting us know she is barefoot and sleeping before captured? It seems unnecessary, but they do it anyway.

The second door shows us a train coming out of a wall. Much like Margritte's Time Transfixed. To transfix can mean to put under a spell, hypnotise, enchant. Beauty and The Beast, combined by magic, turns into ....

Paul. The eighth wonder of the world. As advertised. When he exits the 3rd door, they all comment on how nice THEY look. Are they talking about the crowd, or the combination of beauty and the beast? Who knows. All we know is Paul exits and John says in reverse:
 "Was That Paul?"

Why would he not know who it was? That's who they were looking for all that time. Now he doesn't know who Paul is?

Ringo knows where John is.
John knows where George is.
Ringo, John and George do not know where Paul is. They have to crash a car to find him. I'm not saying Paul McCartney died. I'm just saying someone put a lot of effort into telling you he did. 

Their voices were low. Even Bigman had trouble hearing them as they faced one, another,
sipping coffee and allowing no trace of expression in their words.
Lucky said, "You are wrong to do this.”
"You speak as his friend?”
"I do.”
"And I suppose that, as your friend, he warned you to stay away from Venus.”
"You know about that, too, I see?”
"Quite. And you had a near-fatal accident in landing on Venus. Am I right?”
"You are. You're implying that Evans feared some such event?”
"Feared it? Great space, Starr, your friend Evans engineered that accident.”

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Lord of the Pinkie Ring

I've discussed this before, and here I go again. Because I've just noticed another thing.

Those Eggmen. They are a confusing bunch. They especially get confusing when they start switching jewelry, or maybe start shaving during certain sequences. 

Posted here is a version of I Am the Walrus. What we're looking at (again) is the section that begins at 3:09. We witness the Parade of the Eggmen, soon to follow the Magical Mystery Tour bus. (That also seems to be missing its registration and distinctive logo when it knocks over the tent after the Blue Jay Way section.)

In this Parade of Eggmen, we see the Walrus pass by, then the Rabbit, the Bird, and the Hippo. What we witness is that the Hippo is wearing a pinkie ring. He does not wear this at any other point in the film, but he wears it on the front cover of the album, and depending what promo photos you see. 

Pinkie Ring.

No Pinkie Ring.
There are two people who wear a pinkie ring in Magical Mystery Tour. The most obvious one is Ringo Starr. He wears it throughout the film, and also in his public life. Paul McCartney dons a pinkie ring in one of the Wizard sequences, but this ring is not the same as Ringo's, it's much larger. 

So what we have here is a bit of a switcheroo. A trick. Either someone has borrowed Ringo's pinkie ring, and fortunately had the same size finger that prevents putting it on or taking it off a chore, or ... well, they had another pinkie ring available. Obviously this was thought through. Why would the Hippo have it on in one photo, and then take it off for another. Or have it only in one brief sequence in I Am the Walrus, but no other time? Or for the album cover only? Who is the Walrus becomes very tricky in this instance. 

It's when you get to the Parade of Eggmen that something is missing. And the missing thing is ... Ringo's moustache. The Bird just does not seem to have any facial hair in this one sequence. In the below photo, you can see how easily Ringo's moustache and soul patch can be seen, even when wearing this disguise. Even in the above photos you can see it's visible. It's the only way of knowing it's Ringo. 

Moustache is ... where?

I don't see any moustache there. Yeah, I'd need a clearer image, but you know what? The Bird has no moustache. It ain't Ringo. The Hippo in this sequence wears a pinkie ring. Just like Ringo would. But here's another anomaly. 

I show this photo again, because it shows what the Hippo is wearing underneath the afghan attire. It appears to be a dark blue/purplish floral or paisley print shirt. 

A person who wears something similar in Magical Mystery Tour is George Harrison. During the fireworks sequence in Blue Jay Way. 

So could the Hippo be George? Just for this one sequence? The Hippo wears a wristwatch on his right hand just like Paul McCartney does throughout MMT. He wears a pinkie ring sometimes, just like Ringo Starr does throughout the entire film. He wears a shirt similar to what George Harrison wears in Blue Jay Way. The Hippo could be Paul, George, or Ringo. And I do believe this was done very much on purpose. Because "The Beatles (1968)" further confounds it by having Lennon sing "The Walrus was Paul." And the only person who did not believe John was the Walrus was Little Nicola. 

Further confounding happens when Paul is seen wearing a fox head mask. This shows up again almost a year later during the Mad Day Out photos at the Mercury Theatre. 

I feel like the questions that have been asked of the surviving Beatles for the past 40 years have been all the wrong questions. If I could sit down with messrs Ringo and Paul, the first question I would ask is:

Where did you get these costumes.