Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Lord of the Pinkie Ring

I've discussed this before, and here I go again. Because I've just noticed another thing.

Those Eggmen. They are a confusing bunch. They especially get confusing when they start switching jewelry, or maybe start shaving during certain sequences. 

Posted here is a version of I Am the Walrus. What we're looking at (again) is the section that begins at 3:09. We witness the Parade of the Eggmen, soon to follow the Magical Mystery Tour bus. (That also seems to be missing its registration and distinctive logo when it knocks over the tent after the Blue Jay Way section.)

In this Parade of Eggmen, we see the Walrus pass by, then the Rabbit, the Bird, and the Hippo. What we witness is that the Hippo is wearing a pinkie ring. He does not wear this at any other point in the film, but he wears it on the front cover of the album, and depending what promo photos you see. 

Pinkie Ring.

No Pinkie Ring.
There are two people who wear a pinkie ring in Magical Mystery Tour. The most obvious one is Ringo Starr. He wears it throughout the film, and also in his public life. Paul McCartney dons a pinkie ring in one of the Wizard sequences, but this ring is not the same as Ringo's, it's much larger. 

So what we have here is a bit of a switcheroo. A trick. Either someone has borrowed Ringo's pinkie ring, and fortunately had the same size finger that prevents putting it on or taking it off a chore, or ... well, they had another pinkie ring available. Obviously this was thought through. Why would the Hippo have it on in one photo, and then take it off for another. Or have it only in one brief sequence in I Am the Walrus, but no other time? Or for the album cover only? Who is the Walrus becomes very tricky in this instance. 

It's when you get to the Parade of Eggmen that something is missing. And the missing thing is ... Ringo's moustache. The Bird just does not seem to have any facial hair in this one sequence. In the below photo, you can see how easily Ringo's moustache and soul patch can be seen, even when wearing this disguise. Even in the above photos you can see it's visible. It's the only way of knowing it's Ringo. 

Moustache is ... where?

I don't see any moustache there. Yeah, I'd need a clearer image, but you know what? The Bird has no moustache. It ain't Ringo. The Hippo in this sequence wears a pinkie ring. Just like Ringo would. But here's another anomaly. 

I show this photo again, because it shows what the Hippo is wearing underneath the afghan attire. It appears to be a dark blue/purplish floral or paisley print shirt. 

A person who wears something similar in Magical Mystery Tour is George Harrison. During the fireworks sequence in Blue Jay Way. 

So could the Hippo be George? Just for this one sequence? The Hippo wears a wristwatch on his right hand just like Paul McCartney does throughout MMT. He wears a pinkie ring sometimes, just like Ringo Starr does throughout the entire film. He wears a shirt similar to what George Harrison wears in Blue Jay Way. The Hippo could be Paul, George, or Ringo. And I do believe this was done very much on purpose. Because "The Beatles (1968)" further confounds it by having Lennon sing "The Walrus was Paul." And the only person who did not believe John was the Walrus was Little Nicola. 

Further confounding happens when Paul is seen wearing a fox head mask. This shows up again almost a year later during the Mad Day Out photos at the Mercury Theatre. 

I feel like the questions that have been asked of the surviving Beatles for the past 40 years have been all the wrong questions. If I could sit down with messrs Ringo and Paul, the first question I would ask is:

Where did you get these costumes. 

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