Saturday, 6 September 2014

Think For Yourself

That period November 1966. It's so convoluted.

Paul McCartney. Beetle Killer.
Airs 22nd October 1966. Episode No. 33 ~ Nowhere Man / Paperback Writer 
McCartney, in searching for a cure for Yellow Fever, injects Harrison, Starr and Lennon with a serum that instantly kills them. 

Here's McCartney quoted in BEAT, the periodical put out by KRLA in California. At the very end he announces "It's all part of breaking up the Beatles."

14th November 1966 it's announced that two Beatles have approached Allen Klein for management. Epstein / Lennon / Harrison / Starr all deny these claims. McCartney? He can't be reached. He's on a mystery trip to Africa.
Christopher Sandford makes claim in "McCartney" (2006) that it was McCartney that approached Klein to handle Beatle affairs.
3 years later McCartney would be "The Beetle Killer". Effectively being "forced" to sue the other three Beatles because Allen Klein was contractually "untouchable."
We all know what Lennon, Harrison and Starr thought of Epstein's death in August 1967. They were shocked. Stunned. 

What were McCartney's thoughts at the time? Can you find any quotes? Eulogies? Grief? Sorrow? Anything? 

Why does he immediately start "managing" the band's affairs as soon as Epstein dies? He wastes no time putting them back to work. 

Why does Harrison in Anthology believe Epstein's death had suspicous aspects to it. But McCartney does not. They are two different people, with two different viewpoints granted. But why would one member of this band believe their manager died in a different way than what was reported, and the other believe there was nothing to it whatsoever. The one person it seems that had no comment about it at the time, and went straight back to work as soon as it was announced. This may be the same person who approached Allen Klein in 1966 for there to BE such an article appearing in November 1966 stating Klein was approached by a Beatle or two for representation. 


Third Man in the Beatles riddle:

Brian Epstein yesterday dismissed as "ridiculous" news that American film producer Allen Klein had been approached over the future management of two of the Beatles. 

The article goes further into the story claiming a third man represented the interests of the two unnamed Beatles. This was by Klein's lawyer, but it is very hard to make out his surname due to the scan quality of the document. It's a Mr. Martin M..... Which two Beatles? No one knows, but Epstein, Lennon, Harrison and Starr all denied this story. 

Now why should we believe anything about this rumour?

Well for one, the guy that can't be contacted because he's in Africa, seems to have been missing for almost 2 months by this point. That's why!


  1. This is a great post, Dr T! Here's a question on this topic "from me to you" :) ----- Do you think John, etc., picked up on the comment from Bill that it's all part of "breaking up the Beatles [as in, rendering newly coherent, not the old band of friends]"?

    1. Difficult to say anything with the entity known as Beatles who knows what and who picked up this from that, when November 1966 seems to ensure everyone's doing something that isn't necessarily as it seems.

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